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    Use the power of Mobile Surveys and get instant feedback from your customers. Distribute your surveys by SMS – the fastest and most effective distribution channel on the market

    Increase your response rates further by using our other distribution channels like, email, website, QR codes or Kiosk app.
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    Create as many surveys as you want, distribute it to as many respondents as you want and use it for as long as you want – FREE of charge.


    Why Use MOBsurv

    A 100% free service
    All features are free of cost. You can create as many surveys as you like, distribute them to as many respondents as you want and use the service for as long as you want. You will never have to pay any fees for using MOBSurv, ever!    
    note: As the SMS messages will be send through an Android device owned by you, normal SMS charges are applied by your operator. If you have a subscription with free SMS , the service will be entirely free of charges.
    Get instant feedback
    We are one of the few survey providers who use SMS to distribute the surveys directly and instantly to the respondents' mobile device. We use SMS as a distribution channel, as we know that an SMS is almost always read instantly by the receiver. Thus, the probability that your survey is answered instantly increases dramatically. We have observed that surveys distributed by SMS have a very high answer and completion rate. Completion rates of 80-90% are quite common.
    Get Instant notification
    It is vital to act fast upon the feedback from your customers. Thus, we have created a feature which will notify you instantly on SMS or email if your customers answer a question in your survey in a predefined way. The notification can be routed according to Point-of-Experience i.e. a store manager in New York will receive a notification if the customer has visited this shop and the store manager in Boston will only receive the notifications from customers visiting the Boston located shop.  
    Use multiple Distribution channels
    We offer a wide range of other distribution technologies. Your surveys can also be distributed by email, placed on your website, by QR codes or on a Smartphone or Tablet. One survey - many distribution channels, gives you flexibility and increases your answer rates.
    Use Point-of- Experience
    The key to capturing the best understanding of a consumer’s thinking and satisfaction regarding a product, business or organization is to ask them at their point-of-experience – the place of their purchase decision or their experience with the business or organization.

    More Great Features

    Advanced Routing
    Make your surveys more responsive by using our advanced routing logic features. Using routing logic you can ensure that only relevant questions are displayed to the appropriate respondents by branching to a new question based on respondents answer.
    Branding and Design
    Add your logos and images, select font size and colors, change background colors, add a footer text, change button text and everything else about your survey's look and feel. Bring your brand’s power to your Mobile Surveys.
    Filtering Features
    Filter questions based on Point-of-Experience. Only those questions which are relevant to a particular busisness, organization or product is shown to the respondent.
    Forward to Website
    Users will be automatically redirected to the specified web site (of your choice) upon the completion of the survey.
    Kiosk App
    Turn a tablet or smartphone into a data collection tool to collect and analyze customer satisfaction feedback. You don’t need an Internet connection while collecting data. Your results are stored safely on the device until uploaded to your MOBsurv account
    QR Codes
    Create QR codes for your surveys. Download and print these QR codes and use them in your marketing materials. The QR code is linked to the survey in question and when the respondent scans the QR code, it will be displayed in the browser of the mobile device.
    Reporting Features
    Get real time reports on all your data collected from all distribution channels. This can be done individually per channel or aggregated into one report. Export it to Excel, word or PDF, and customize your reports with your own logo.
    Web and Email
    You can post your surveys on your webside, or send it by email to your respondents. It is easy and flexible.

    How It Works

    Our main distribution channel is SMS – the fastest and most effective distribution channel on the market.
    To enable free SMS based surveys, we provide an Android app which handles the sending and receiving of SMS messages to/from the respondents. The app is your connection to MOBsurv’s back-end servers.


    The SMS, sent to the respondent, contains a link to your survey. Your survey will be displayed in the repondent’s mobile browser when the link is activated by the respondent.


    The app makes it also possible for you to invite respondents to fetch your surveys by sending a SMS with a keyword to an Android mobile phone number. All SMS are sent and received through the Android mobile device.

    Surveys are created in the MOBsurv Online Creator tool which can be accessed here: http://ims.mobsurv.com/creator/
    Use the userID and password which you created during the registration process in the Android app.

    Below you will find a detailed description of how the SMS distribution method works.


    • MOBsurv1
    • MOBsurv2
    • MOBsurv3
    • MOBsurv4
    • MOBsurv1
    • MOBsurv2
    • MOBsurv3
    • MOBsurv4

    • MOBsurv-22_05
    • MOBsurv-22_11
    • MOBsurv-22_17
    • MOBsurv-22_23
    • MOBsurv-22_29
    • MOBsurv-22_35
    • MOBsurv-22_41
    • MOBsurv-22_05
    • MOBsurv-22_11
    • MOBsurv-22_17
    • MOBsurv-22_23
    • MOBsurv-22_29
    • MOBsurv-22_35
    • MOBsurv-22_41



    How to get started ?


    Step 1: Install the MOBsurv Connector app on your Android device and register your phone number.
    Select userID and password.
    Step 2: Create your surveys in MOBsurv Online Creator tool. Go to http://ims.mobsurv.com/creator. Log on with the userID and password you created during registration. We have created a dummy survey for you (called “my first survey”) to make it easy for you to get started.


    Step 3: Distribute your surveys by either pushing a survey invitation to your respondent from the MOBsurv Online Creator tool, or define a keyword which your users can use to request your survey.


    Step 4: Analyze the results in real time in MOBsurv Online Creator tool.