• Monthly Archives: April 2015

    Things To Keep In Mind While Sending Surveys Through Email

    Email surveys are quick and result generating. Any type of surveys can be sent via emails- be it the customer satisfaction surveys, customer feedbacks or brand awareness surveys, all these documents can be sent to the respondent with just a single click. (more…)

    Breaking The Monotony With Unique Surveys

    What if you are taught same lecture in the class every day? Won’t you be tired taking the notes for the same topic in every class? Well, just like this monotonous treatment, your customers can also get tired of taking the same kind of surveys. This survey fatigue can have a poor impact on your research. Every day so many companies stuff the customer’s inbox with numerous surveys (more…)

    What is special about the MOBSurv solution compared with other Survey providers?

    Our solution differs in several ways. First of all – all features are for free. You can create as many surveys you like, distribute them to as many respondents you want and use the service for as long as you want. (more…)

    Take Better Decisions With Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    If your company is planning to introduce any new product in the market or interested in making any changes in the existing services, then taking a customer satisfaction survey can help in taking some wise decisions. Ups and downs in business are well known in every industry, (more…)