• Advantages Of Mobile App Surveys

    Planning to launch a product or looking for a feedback about your services? Go for customer satisfaction surveys or conduct a market research. Surveys are the best ways to get an honest review and feedback about your product. We all know that paper surveys are time consuming and demand too much attention while calculating the results or tallying the figures. Also, the delayed response in these surveys can disturb the entire process. If the motive behind taking survey is a product launch or customer satisfaction feedback, then you need an instant feedback to make immediate changes in your plans or services. You need a powerful tool with which this basic system of disseminating the surveys to a large audience becomes quicker and easy.

    The world has gone mobile. You know that people cannot spend their day without mobile phones. Looking at their dependency on the cell phones and other gadgets, the usage of mobile apps has also increased. Today, mobile surveys have become quite popular for getting instant results and reaching out to the customers and target audiences faster than before. You can communicate with a large number of people at once with the mobile customer surveys, and know their thoughts about your product in just a fraction of second. With mobile surveys, you can send messages all across the world without any geographical barrier. So, if you would like to know the views of customers in various parts of the world, mobile surveys can be really helpful.


    Unlike other mediums of conducting surveys that required a strong manpower and the probability of receiving a good response was less, this way of taking the surveys allows the customer to fill in the form at their convenience. So, if you are willing to conduct a mobile survey, then Mobsurv can help you in designing, distributing and analyzing the surveys through SMS. This automated tool is created to reduce your manual efforts and making the whole process of creating, sending and receiving surveys more efficient. This free mobile survey solution helps in getting a quick response from your customers. Design your surveys in the MOBsurv Online Creator tool http://ims.mobsurv.com/creator and send it to your address book free on your Android device and check the results on the creator tool.