• Tips To Create Quality Surveys

    When conducting a survey, what really matters is the quality of the surveys distributed to the respondents. If a surveys does not have the right type of questions, then the purpose of conducting the research will not be solved. The data collected at the end of the research is valuable (more…)

    Create Free Mobile Surveys With Mobsurv

    Mobsurv Offers Free Features For Quick Feedbacks On Your Surveys


    There are various ways of conducting surveys- online, telephonic, face to face and many more. Out of all these approaches, you would want to choose the method which is the most effective, fastest and most cost efficient. There are many advantages and disadvantages of all the traditional methods used for conducting surveys, but today the need is for a powerful solution (more…)

    Advantages Of Mobile App Surveys

    Planning to launch a product or looking for a feedback about your services? Go for customer satisfaction surveys or conduct a market research. Surveys are the best ways to get an honest review and feedback about your product. We all know that paper surveys are time consuming and demand too much attention while calculating the results or tallying the figures. (more…)

    A Mobile Survey Solution For Faster Distribution & Quick Feedbacks

    Technology has changed everything and the world is more advanced now. This technology driven world is moving at a much faster pace that sticking to the traditional ways can be really harmful. If you are planning to conduct a survey, be it for a customer satisfaction survey or market research survey, then your every move will be counted. Let us be very precise, surveys aren’t so easy to conduct. (more…)