• Create Free Mobile Surveys With Mobsurv

    Mobsurv Offers Free Features For Quick Feedbacks On Your Surveys


    There are various ways of conducting surveys- online, telephonic, face to face and many more. Out of all these approaches, you would want to choose the method which is the most effective, fastest and most cost efficient. There are many advantages and disadvantages of all the traditional methods used for conducting surveys, but today the need is for a powerful solution that can ease your suffering of collecting data, connecting to larger audiences and taking a quick feedback.


    Online surveys are one of the most used approaches for getting a quick response from the customers or the target audience. Mobsurv is a free mobile survey creating software, that allows you to distribute your surveys via SMS to your respondent’s mobile devices.


    The MOBsurv solution, created with the purpose to make the survey creating, distributing and analyzing process more efficient, is completely free of cost. The software has plenty of features that will add a professional touch to your surveys and will give you an extra edge over the traditional ways.


    Below listed are some features that makes MOBsurv a great, free of charge solution:


      • 100% free of charges (If you have a free SMS pack, then you can enjoy sending it to a number of respondents free of cost, otherwise only SMS charges will be taken by your operator.)


      • You get instant feedback from the respondents as the surveys will be distributed via SMS, the most effective and easy way of getting instant response.


      • Get instantly notified by SMS or E-mail if your respondent answers a question in a pre-defined way


      • Distribute surveys by Email, QR codes, Smartphones or Tablet. Enjoy sending the surveys through multiple distribution channels.


      • Advanced Routing: This feature allows you to display only relevant questions to the respondent.


      • Branding and Design: Add a professional touch to your surveys by adding the logos, images of your choice and personalizing the template with fonts, colors of your choice.


      • Users will be automatically redirected to the specified web site (of your choice) upon completion of the survey.


      • Kiosk App: This allows you to collect and analyze customer satisfaction feedback on your smartphone or tablet.


      • You can create QR codes for your surveys. Download and print these QR codes and use them in your marketing material.


      • Get real time reports on all your data collected from all distribution channels.


    • Export the reports to Excel, Word or PDF, and customize them according to your requirement.


    All these features are provided in this intuitive software. You can use these without paying any fee as long as you wish to use it for your benefits. Isn’t that really helpful? What do you think?