• Identify The Areas Of Improvement With Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Customer satisfaction surveys are taken by the companies to know what their customers feel about their products and services. Unfortunately, most of them fail to achieve the fixed objective. Instead of using the data collected by vigorous practice and efforts, they move their focus to paying incentives and bonuses to the customer service representatives. The data collected after this step becomes useless and lacks authenticity. People filling the surveys don’t take the process seriously and the goal shifts to making money. With an objective of earning reward points or bonus, the feedback is manipulated and twisted.


    Customers and employees can be kept satisfied by taking their honest feedback. The feedback that is not changed by the respondent under any influence will give the best results. There is no point taking so much pain in running a survey that cannot yield the desired outcome. Business reality can be checked by encouraging the customers and employees to give the feedback without any pressure. The inflated positive reviews won’t make any difference to your business. You will need a critical and honest feedback to identify the areas of improvement.


    In most of the organizations, employees are scared of taking the satisfaction surveys. This is because they are worried about the after effects of an honest suggestion on their service. The high score can be achieved easlily by giving handsome incentives and discounts, but what is the use of taking so much hassle if you can’t identify the area of improvement. Good scores do not mean good performance. False surveys and dummy practices won’t do any good to your business. Be supportive to the employees who have negative reviews about your product and services. They are exposing you to the weak areas which were unseen and unexplored for some reasons. Be thankful to them for supporting you in becoming better and stronger.


    Let the customers communicate their experience in the open ended questions. Their elaborative feedback will bring forth the clear picture of your service. With this insightful data, you can analyze your weak areas more precisely. Construct the surveys to collect valuable and unbiased feedback.