• A Mobile Survey Solution For Faster Distribution & Quick Feedbacks

    Technology has changed everything and the world is more advanced now. This technology driven world is moving at a much faster pace that sticking to the traditional ways can be really harmful. If you are planning to conduct a survey, be it for a customer satisfaction survey or market research survey, then your every move will be counted. Let us be very precise, surveys aren’t so easy to conduct.It requires deep understanding and in depth research on the subject. Once you have everything in hand, the real work starts after that. It is the distribution of these surveys to your target group. If the survey does not reach the correct audience, then all your efforts will go wasted.


    Time is money, so if you are looking for a more efficient way to distribute your survey to the large number of people at once, then Mobsurv is a solution for you. Gone are the days, when paper surveys were done that were distributed physically to the individuals. This process wasted a lot of time and demanded a lot of hard work. But today, things are more advanced and convenient with the most effective and fastest way of distributing these surveys to the audiences.


    Mobsurv is a free of cost which allows you to create, distribute and analyze surveys in a more convenient and faster way. With this feature rich software, you can create the surveys and send them across the world via text messages. We all know that SMS is the easiest and the most accessible way to reach out to a large number of people at once, and most of all the text messages are always read. Text messages increase the chances of receiving an instant response from the people because these are just too easy to fill.


    Let’s get you started


    STEP 1: Register yourself by downloading and installing the MOBsurv Connector app
    STEP 2: Visit http://ims.mobsurv.com/creator and Log on with the user ID and password you created during the registration. Go to the MOBsurv Online Creator tool and design your surveys.
    STEP 3: Distribute the survey by pushing a survey invitation to your respondent from the MOBsurv Online Creator tool, or define a keyword which your users can use to request your survey (Pull).
    STEP 4: Analyze the results in MOBsurv Online Creator tool.


    So what are you waiting for? Install this application on your Android device today.