• Read This Before You Design A Survey

    The main challenge in designing a survey is to filter down the questions you need to ask for your target group. The endless possibilities of questions can definitely create a confusion in your mind. To avoid this situation, you must have a clear idea about the topic on which you have decided to take a survey. In short, just be aware of your goal, and think what information can help you in achieving it. Stick to your topic and ask relevant questions to the respondents. You must remember always that the person filling the survey is making an effort for you, don’t disappoint him by asking useless questions.


    Non leading questions should be avoided in the survey. Be straight forward in your approach. An unbiased question will not push the response of the person filling the survey in a certain direction. Lengthy questions are always boring and dull, you must avoid occupying the space with such questions. Be precise and interesting. The respondent can dismiss the idea of completing the survey at any moment. You don’t have to bring that dull and irritating moment for him. Always design the survey for the respondents, just let them see your aim through that questionnaire


    Never presume facts, let the repondent tell you everything about him.

    Questions can be of various types, but the most common of all are the multiple choice questions. These should be included in the survey to break the monotony and to allow the respondent to answer quickly. Multiple choice questions are often asked when the information is known beforehand, or when you have a vague idea about what the answer can be. These questions save the time of the survey taker, and are easy to answer. Some more types are rating questions, ranking questions or rating scales. You can also bring diversity in your questionnaire by adding different types of questions.


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