• What is special about the MOBSurv solution compared with other Survey providers?

    Our solution differs in several ways. First of all – all features are for free. You can create as many surveys you like, distribute them to as many respondents you want and use the service for as long as you want.


    Secondly, we are one of the only providers who use SMS to distribute the Mobile survey directly and instantly to the responds mobile device. We use SMS as a distribution channel as we know that an SMS is almost always read instantly by the receiver. Thus, the probability that your mobile survey is answered instantly increases dramatically. We have also observed that surveys distributed by SMS have a very high answer and completion rate. Completion rates of 80-90% are not unusual.


    Thirdly we offer a wide range of other distribution technologies. Your surveys can also be distributed by email, placed on your website, by QR codes or on a Smartphone or Tablet. One survey – many distribution channels, gives you flexibility and increases your answer rates.


    Last but not least, we offer a unique notification feature where you will be notified by SMS or email if your respondent answers a question in your survey in a predefined way. You will instantly be notified about unsatisfied customers and thus have the opportunity to react instantly to a bad user experience.