• Things To Keep In Mind While Sending Surveys Through Email

    Email surveys are quick and result generating. Any type of surveys can be sent via emails- be it the customer satisfaction surveys, customer feedbacks or brand awareness surveys, all these documents can be sent to the respondent with just a single click. Through Mobsurv, you can easily create the surveys in the MOBsurv Online Creator tool. Just use the user ID and password created during the registration process in the Android app and start your market research in a more effective way


    One thing must be kept in mind while creating an email invitation message for the survey is the sender email address. If the survey is conducted on behalf of a company, then you must send the email from an official email address. Emails from a personal email id can portray an unprofessional image of your company. Also, there are chances that the survey emails sent by are getting ignored by the recipients. To prevent this, you must send an invitation from the best email address. For example, if the recipient is your customer, then you can send him an invitation from an email address which was used to send him the newsletters and other promotional emails. The message from a familiar email id will not go ignored.


    A short and high impact subject line will definitely convince the recipient to at least take a look at your message. You might have seen so many promotional emails in the inbox, that use attractive subject lines, so that you can open them on looking at the message at once. This is how you need to think while drafting an email. People don’t have time to read boring and lengthy statements. Keep it short and simple so that the recipient can understand your message at a first look.


    Cover all the important information in a short line. Suppose, you are giving an incentive or an offer to a respondent for filling out a survey, then you must mention that in the subject. (For example, Take the survey and win a 25% off coupon on fresh stock.) Choose a flashy color for the prize or off value to grab the eyeballs of the recipients. Don’t forget to mention the name of your company in the subject. This will help the customer to recognize your brand and respondents can take the survey easily.


    Get Started With Mobsurv Today

    Step 1: Install the MOBsurv Connector app on your Android device and register your phone number. Select userID and password to get started.

    Step 2: Create your surveys in MOBsurv Online Creator tool. Go to http://ims.mobsurv.com/creator and Log on with the userID and password.

    Step 3: Distribute your surveys by either pushing a survey invitation to your respondent from the MOBsurv Online Creator tool, or define a keyword which your users can use to request your survey.

    Step 4: Analyze the results in MOBsurv Online Creator tool.